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Donate Toys


In Child Life Services, we help children understand and cope with hospitalization. To that end, one key aim during the holiday season is to provide an environment and experiences that most closely mirror what life would have been like at home but for an illness or injury. As a result of the Central Valley’s continued generosity each year, we are able to provide toys, games and other gifts for our patients during the holiday season.

But this year is a little bit different as the pandemic prevents our wonderful community from coming onsite to Valley Children’s Hospital to generously deliver toys and other items to help kids. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we respectfully ask you to consider supporting kids during this holiday season by providing brand new items in one of the following ways, listed starting with the most preferred method of giving:

Option 1: Amazon Wish List

Child Life Services at Valley Children's has established an Amazon Wish List for patients that identifies our patients’ most sought after items. You can make this year special for a child by clicking here

Option 2: Donate Funds to Child Life

You can make a monetary donation today that would be used by our Child Life Services’ team of trained specialists to purchase toys for kids this holiday season. 100% of your gift would be used to purchase items for children! Click here to make an online gift today!

Option 3: Recently Purchased Items in Original Packaging

If you have already purchased brand new items that are still in the original packaging, you can mail those items directly to: 

Valley Children’s Hospital
Attn: Child Life Services
9300 Valley Children's Place
Madera, CA 93636

Donation Guidelines

We appreciate every donation! As we hope you can understand, in order to keep our patients safe, used or even gently used items cannot be accepted.  Pediatric patients need special considerations when they are given items due to their immune systems. Their health is our highest concern and we appreciate your understanding and support to provide only new items. Due to the sensitive nature of our patient population, all donations must come from a smoke-free environment. You can find Child Life wish list suggestions here.  


If you have any questions about donations, please call Valley Children's Healthcare Foundation directly at 559-353-7100. To learn more about Child Life Services, please click here