Customize Your Clinical Communication Preferences

As we provide care for your patients our priority is to ensure that you are fully informed regarding any consultations or treatment they receive. This includes such information as lab and radiology reports as well as Emergency Room Visits, Operative Reports, Discharge Summaries and much more.

In order for us to provide these clinical communications customized to your specific preferences we invite you to complete the form below. If you would prefer to submit your preferences via fax or email, you can download a fillable PDF version of the form here.

You can update or change these preferences at any time by simply submitting a new form.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your specific needs please call (559) 353-6621 or email and our physician service team will be happy to assist you.

Please select and enter necessary information for clinical information your facility expects to receive in the form below.

Practice Name  *Physicians at Location  *Practice Address  *Practice Phone Number  *Practice Email  *Please provide us your default fax to receive clinical reports and results.  *If there is an additional fax you'd like to receive reports, please list. How often would you like to receive outpatient visit summaries? How often would you like to receive inpatient and day surgery summaries? How often would you like to receive scheduling summaries (attended visits, referral status, no shows)? Valley Children's Healthcare may have the ability to transmit these reports and results to you electronically into your EMR. Please indicate your interest in this option. If yes, please provide a follow-up contact name and phone number.