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A Walk/Run for a Cause

Join us this November for Valley Children's Epilepsy Support Program's first-ever free, virtual Epilepsy Caped Crusaders: A Walk/Run for a Cause! We invite you to wear your purple, put your cape on, get active and join in the fight against epilepsy. 

Fill out the form fields below to register for the event. The first 500 participants who register for this free, virtual event will receive a purple cape, signifying epilepsy awareness! (Please, only 1 cape per participant.) 


Email us at epilepsysupport@valleychildrens.org


Team or Family Name  *Team Captain's Name  *The first 500 participants that register can receive a purple cape signifying epilepsy awareness. Please indicate below the total number of adults and children on your team, and how many of each would like a cape. (Please, only 1 cape per participant.) Total number of adults on team  *Number of adults who would like a cape  *Total number of children on team (ages 2 and up)  *Number of children (ages 2 and up) who would like a cape  *Team Captain's Email address  *Team Captain's Mailing Address (to mail race packets and capes). Please include street address, city, and zip code.  *