Valley Children’s Welcomes Physician Consultation

Pediatric specialists at Valley Children’s welcome physician consultations from physicians throughout the Central California region and beyond. Our specialists can be reached through our Hematology (559) 353-5460 or Oncology (559) 353-5480 offices or by our direct Referral Access Center (866) 353-KIDS (5437).    

Our team provides the following Physician Referral Guidelines to assist in communications:

Pediatric Hematology Referral Guidelines

Pediatric Oncology Referral Guidelines

Programs Affiliated with the Cancer and Blood Diseases Center

With comprehensive pediatric specialty care, any member of our multidisciplinary team is available for consultation based on the individualized needs of your patient.

  • Surgical Services: Children with cancer may require a broad range of surgical services from Neurosurgery to Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery. General Pediatric Surgeons assist with a large number of patients, placing central lines for blood draws and medication administration. 
  • Psychology and Neuropsychology: Oncologists meet weekly with Valley Children's pediatric psychologists and neuropsychologists to discuss patients with psychological needs arising from their condition. 
  • Radiology and Imaging: Medical Imaging services are regularly used to assess a child's progress. 
  • Cardiac Testing: Cardiologists perform EKGs and ECHOs on patients to monitor potential heart damage due to chemotherapy. 
  • Nephrology, Urology, Gastroenterology: Chemotherapy can affect many of the body’s functions. Pediatric specialists from these practices help monitor and treat these complications when they occur.