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Isolation & Restraint

Sometimes patients may need to be placed in isolation
(away from others) because their resistance to infection is low or they have a contagious illness. If your child needs to be in isolation, it will be posted on your child’s door and your child’s nurse can answer any questions you may have. All children in isolation must stay on the unit and some may be required to stay in their room. They may not go to the playroom, school or the cafeteria, but all efforts will be made to ensure their comfort and entertainment.

Restraints may be used whenever your child may be hurt by moving too much during treatment and tests. They will be used only when nothing else will work. Sometimes, if parents want to stay awake and watch their child all the time, a restraint may not need to be used. Please ask your child's nurse if you have questions about restraints or other ways to keep your child safe, still and comfortable.