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Partnership Locations

Children’s Hospital Central California and its physician partners, Specialty Medical Group (SMG), offers pediatric subspecialty care and services through partnerships with general hospitals throughout our region.

Satellite Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Children’s Hospital Central California owns and operates a network of satellite Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in regional hospitals, providing the opportunity for some families with premature babies to receive treatment closer to home. Our three Level II nurseries see more than 300 cases and almost 3,000 patient days annually. These satellites are located in:

Saint Agnes Medical Center, Fresno – a six bed Level II NICU
Mercy Medical Center, Merced – a six bed Level II NICU
Central Valley General Hospital, Hanford – a four bed Level II NICU

Our satellite NICUs function as Level II extensions of the Level III NICU at Children’s Hospital Central California. The satellite NICUs are staffed with Children’s Hospital’s trained and certified medical staff, including our board certified neonatologists and registered nurses (RNs).

Level II Neonatal Care includes treatment of conditions such as: Prematurity, Sepsis, Hyperbilirubinemia, feeding difficulties, Respiratory Distress and Hypoglycemia. We provide Resuscitation Teams made up of Extended Practice trained RNs and Respiratory Care Practitioners who attend all high risk deliveries. Depending on their clinical status, those patients are stabilized on site and either prepared for Critical Transport via our Medical Transport Team to Children’s or managed within the Level II satellite. Many infants remain in the satellite for the duration of their inpatient stay, receiving high quality patient care close to home. Physicians who are on staff at Children’s Hospital care for patients at the satellite units.

The satellite units will also receive back those initially critical patients who were transported out at birth to Children’s, so that they can be closer to home for the remainder of their stay for continuing care.

Growing with our partners: In 2010, Mercy Medical Center will be moving into a new facility. At that time, we will be expanding our licensed beds from 6 to 8. Also in 2010, Central Valley General Hospital will be opening a Women’s Services facility. At that time, we will be moving into that facility and expanding those licensed beds from 4 to 6.

Doctors Medical Center – Modesto

Children’s physician partners, Specialty Medical Group (SMG), has an electroencephalogram (EEG) telemedicine relationship with Doctors Medical Center in Modesto. Through this program Children’s pediatric neurologists analyze and interpret EEGs, transmitted from Doctor’s Medical Center, for their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit patients with suspected or confirmed neurological disorders. 

Emanuel Medical Center – Turlock

Children’s physician partners, Specialty Medical Group (SMG) provide on-site pediatric hospitalists at Emanuel Medical Center, providing 24-hour inpatient physician coverage for pediatric patients. SMG also has an agreement to provide electrocardiogram (EKG) readings through the pediatric cardiologists at Children’s Willson Heart Center.

Kaweah Delta Hospital – Visalia

Children’s Hospital provides pediatric urology services at Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia. The group’s pediatric urologists provide specialized care for children with common and complex problems affecting the urinary tract and genitalia such as hernia and recurrent urinary tract infection. Clinics are conducted once a month.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center – San Luis Obispo

Providing children and families access to some of the world’s finest pediatric subspecialists in an
environment that is close to home, the San Luis Obispo Pediatric Subspecialty Center serves patients
from San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast. The Center is a partnership between Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Specialty Medical Group (SMG), in affiliation with Children’s Hospital Central California.