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Trauma Services

Trauma surgeonsPediatric trauma cases differ greatly from adult trauma cases. Surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals who work in Children’s Trauma Services Program are specially trained to work with kids and their special needs. The program works with Children's Hospital Departments of Surgery, Emergency, Pediatric Intensive Care, Medical / Surgical floor, Child Advocacy, and Rehabilitation as well as pre-hospital and Local Emergency Medical Service Agencies.

Children’s Trauma Education Program

The program provides pediatric trauma education to community and parent groups as well as healthcare agencies. Our highly trained and experienced experts share their knowledge through in-house education, grand rounds, lectures, and at trauma symposiums and conferences throughout the community and around the country.

Children’s Injury Prevention Program

Injury is the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. As a leader in providing specialized pediatric healthcare, Children’s Hospital Central California recognizes the importance of injury prevention and works collaboratively with the community to prevent those tragedies. Each year Children’s Injury Prevention Program provides injury prevention education and outreach to children and families. The program is designed to help keep our kids safe. Read more about injury prevention…