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Respiratory Care


Our Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) provide high-quality interventions in an acute care setting and specialize in treating children with respiratory specific conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis and croup.  Respiratory Therapy at Children’s Hospital is provided by more than 100 licensed and experienced RCPs.

Services Offered

In addition to treating respiratory specific conditions, our RCPs are involved in the care of children with congenital heart defects, post operative care for patients with congenital heart defect repair, respiratory failure and Cystic Fibrosis. Children’s RCPs also provide ventilator management, assist with bronchoscopies and perform peak flows for asthmatics.

Pulmonary clearance is a key component to our respiratory therapy at Children’s Hospital. This is accomplished through medication delivery (aerosols, nebulizers, etc.), hypertonic saline and chest wall manipulation – through vibration or percussion – to help loosen up secretions.


Our ability to use efficient, non-invasive external monitoring – combining End Tidal CO2 and Transcutaneous Monitoring in infants and children to measure CO2 – allows our RCPs to make changes on the spot to adjust ventilator, CO2 and oxygen.

Medical Transport Team

We are one of the few children’s hospital’s that participate in a registered nurse (RN), RCP transport program dedicated to the safe transport of infants and children from facilities throughout California. Both our ground and air transport are staffed by specially trained and skilled critical care RNs and RCPs, under the medical direction of our board certified neonatal physicians and pediatric intensivists.

Focused on Patient Throughput

Respiratory Care at Children’s is focused on being active in initiating and carrying out respiratory therapy as well as providing ventilator management (getting patients off ventilators) in a timely fashion to free up beds. We also provide respiratory education for families early on in their child’s stay to expedite care.

Quality Care through Collaboration

We specialize in partnering with the patient’s family in the care of the child. Our RCPs collaborate with doctors, nurses and clinical staff to deliver respiratory care and they seek our expertise for consultations, interventions and assessments.

Multidisciplinary Services

Outreach Education

At Children’s, our RCPs see community involvement as a responsibility. Because of this, our RCPs provide outreach education, such as asthma education, to outlying school districts in our service area.