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Interpreter Services

We serve the health needs of a very diverse population with more than 100 documented languages and 37 distinct cultures represented.  The Interpreter Services Department provides language assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our patients and families. Interpreters provide face-to-face service as well as over-the-phone and video interpreting assistance.

Additional medical interpreters are available to meet all language needs through our contracted agencies. Bilingual employees can assist with customer service language needs.

Since 1980, Children’s Hospital Central California through Interpreter Services has been committed to meeting the needs of our region through the use of bilingual/bicultural qualified Healthcare Interpreters.

Healthcare Interpreter Ethics
Professional Healthcare Interpreters hold their work to the highest of standards and abide by the “Interpreter Code of Ethics” by accurately transmitting the content, spirit and cultural context of what is said in a professional, impartial and respectful manner while maintaining patient/provider confidentiality.


Interpreter Services
(559) 353-5250