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Kids Day Volunteer Registration

You Can Make a Miracle Happen on Kids Day: Tuesday, March 8, 2016!

For the past 29 years, Valley Children’s Hospital has benefitted from the thousands of volunteers that hit the streets every March to sell the special “Kids Day” edition of The Fresno Bee for $1. By participating as a Kids Day volunteer, you not only help Valley Children’s raise important funds, but also help valley residents learn more about vital healthcare services and programs that the Hospital provides. Whether you participate as an individual or in a group, Kids Day needs your help! Sign up today and be a part of the healing miracles that happen every day at Valley Children’s Hospital.
Please be sure to watch the safety video at the bottom of the page.

Special Thanks to Our Proud Partners and Sponsors

ABC 30 and The Fresno Bee

Ahart Insurance Services     El Mexicano       Resource Lenders       Table Mountain Casino       Wells Fargo
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.    Audi, BMW, Porsche of Fresno    Media Solutions, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car    Moss Adams, LLP     My Kid's Dentist and Orthodontics    NetApp    Westech Systems, Inc.    Wild Electric, Inc.

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You will be assigned to the Distribution Site of your choice. This is where you will pick up newspapers and return your money and unsold papers.  Please choose one. *

I will need the following quantity of papers *

I am interested in participating in the Kids Day Challenge for groups, businesses and schools. Please download the appropriate form below and FAX to 559-353-7160. Business Challenge Form

Businesses can order copies of the special $1 Kids Day edition of The Fresno Bee in advance. Those papers can be given to customers and employees, resold to double your donation to Children’s Hospital or donated to children and families at Children’s Hospital. If you would like to pre-order, click here for the order form. I am interested in participating the Kids Day Pre-sales Program.

Your business can make a difference. Please see the Business Challenge Form for more information.

Your school can participate too. Please see the School Challenge Form for more information.

Is your team looking for additional ways to fundraise? Our Ideas Page will help you brainstorm.

**Important: Please Read the Sales and Safety Instructions below.

  • Newspapers may be sold 6:00am through 3:00pm.   Newspapers are $1.00 each.
  • Beginning at 5:30am, newspapers and aprons may be obtained from your chosen distribution site noted above.
  • The latest newspapers can be checked out is 2:00pm.
  • By 3:30pm all money and any unsold papers must be returned to the site where you picked up your papers (Please do not give your money or papers to anyone other than an individual at the site where you picked them up).
  • A maximum of 100 papers per individual or 500 papers per team may be checked out at any one time. Feel free to sell more papers! Just return the money collected from your previous sales and check out additional papers.
  • Corners are first come-first served basis. If volunteer coverage is sufficient in a particular area, please move to another area to enhance coverage. Remember, we’re united for the same cause -- the kids at Valley Children’s!
  • Checks should be payable to: Valley Children's Hospital.   An individual's check serves as receipt.   If they should ask for a receipt, please give them a pre-signed receipt that can be obtained when you check out your papers.
  • If a donor tells you to "keep the change", thank them on behalf of the children and add it to the money you have collected.
  • Please wear your Kids Day Apron, glow necklace and/or light colored clothing so you can easily be seen by drivers.
  • No papers are to be sold from median islands. All sales must be made from the sidewalk.
  • Sales are permitted from right hand curbs and corners.
  • Please do not step off the curb to sell!
  • Do not walk in front of traffic to sell! The normal flow of traffic must not be interrupted.
  • Sales may take place only when the traffic is stopped!
  • Do not reach into cars with money or change in hand, as you run the risk of having someone try to take it.
  • Do not make change for $100 bills. Suggest customers get change from a nearby bank or convenience store.
  • When the light turns green, please remain still. Should prospective customers try to get your attention, please motion them to “move on.”
  • Papers may not be sold on any freeway (i.e., 41 & 99) highway (i.e., Golden State Blvd.), or the on/off ramps to/from the freeways/highways.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Be respectful and courteous to all drivers and fellow volunteers.
  • Follow the instructions of safety monitors and your team leader. Team Leaders--you are responsible for the conduct of your volunteers!
  • Volunteers that do not follow safety instructions, will be asked to stop selling Kids Day papers immediately.
Please watch this safety video now.

I have read the Schedule, Sales Instructions & Safety Rules (listed above) for Kids Day & agree to adhere to them. *