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2014 Annual Report 
We get up every morning, knowing every child is counting on us. That’s why we never stop seeking new ways to enable greater numbers of children to access the high-quality, comprehensive pediatric
care they need.

This year we took bold steps to create Valley Children’s Healthcare – a growing network dedicated to providing the best care for all Central California kids.

For more than six decades, families throughout our region have entrusted us with the most precious
thing in their lives – their children. They knew from the beginning we were their hospital, a special haven of hope and healing. That hasn’t changed.

Only now we’re developing more opportunities through unique partnerships and acquisitions to
bring enhanced pediatric care even closer to their neighborhoods across our vast, 45,000-square-mile
service area.

In this report, you will learn how this new healthcare system will ensure our Valley’s children and their
families can access skilled pediatric care where and when they need it most.

Because of all of you, this is possible. Because of all of you, we can continue innovating and collaborating to reach new heights to do what is in the best interest of our children’s health and wellbeing – for today and many tomorrows.

There is no nobler calling or greater treasure worth protecting. These are futures worth fighting for.