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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 6


Day Surgery

Nurses explained everything well about what medication to use for pain.
I would definitely recommend others to go to this hospital.


Everyone at the hospital was extremely nice and helpful.


All the nurses were friendly and patient with any questions/concerns I might have had. 


All the nurses involved in my daughter's care ensured she was comfortable and in as little pain as possible. 


In ENT Day Surgery, the nurses attended us and informed us with courtesy and gave us great instructions


They gave great information of what was going to happen.


NURSES are excellent in the ENT Day Surgery.
They explained every little detail very well and very understanding


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

We really liked one nurse in the NICU named Diane. She cared for our child like she was her own. 


Nurse Michelle was awesome and deserves a pat on the back.
All the nurses were fantastic but she went above and beyond.


Brenda in intensive care was very nice and respectful.


We had a night nurse named Nick that gave great care to my child.
The two transport nurses that transferred my child to Children’s were the best.
Wow! Need more of these nurses.


The staff in the NICU Family Center East respected that I wanted to breast feed and was helpful in making that possible!  Praise God for Children's Hospital Central California. Thank you for ensuring my son's life and safety and thank you for his care.


Very professional behavior and skills were outstanding.
The staff went above and beyond to make me and my family comfortable during our visit. 


The nurses and aides at the Merced Neonatal NICU were exceptionally good.
They gave our baby the best care.


Emergency Room

The doctor who treated my daughter was extremely kind and gentle to all of us, so was the nurse. It was an amazing experience compared to other hospitals!!! I will NEVER take my child anywhere else! From the moment we walked in the door, we were treated like family. Your staff is AMAZING!!!



We love Jean. Extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and listened to all of our concerns and questions. She provided not only answers, but education and informational pamphlets and allowed us to use the seizure video - so kind and caring, but honest. 


The Nurse at the Modesto Neurology Clinic was very kind and helped my daughter’s anxiety decrease.


Voyager South

Matt was a very good nurse.  Matt was very good with caring for my child.


Explorer South

Everyone on the care team was excellent, top notch! Thank you. Competent caring staff.


Charlie Mitchell Children’s Clinic

All the staff and nurses and doctor were wonderful and helpful.
They answer all the questions that I need and have helped my child get better.



I love the pulmonology staff. They have helped me so much in the care of my son.
I am very happy and pleased. Debbie and Sue are the best nurses in the world!
They always show me that they care and my son loves them.



I will forever be indebted to the wonderful service, care and overall experience to the Children's Hospital.
I love the fact that my daughter was included in every discussion and decision.


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