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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 6

Beverly Hayden Pugh Photo by Kelly Petersen

Great Moments

By Beverly Hayden-Pugh, MOB, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

Recently I had the privilege to celebrate the success of our new nursing graduates. As nurses, we all remember the moments we completed our entry level education, took boards and started our first job as a professional RN. It really is a time of closure, accomplishment, of both excitement and anxiety about the future. It is a time to reflect on the impact that we aspire to make in the lives of the children and families we will touch over a lifetime of delivering nursing care.

Just that morning I rode up in the elevator with a mother and her small child. I asked how things were going and if she had someone in the hospital. She shared with me that her son had been in the hospital for the past week. What started out as a simple conversation during an elevator ride developed into a poignant message of gratitude. She went on to talk about both the clinical expertise and the kindness provided by each of you. She shared that you treated her son as if he were your own child. She also stated that you not only cared for her son, but also you cared for her. She was amazed by you!

It impressed upon me the impact each of us has as a nurse. As we reflect on this role, I would like to challenge you to always do the following:


  • Be Kind and Demonstrate Humanity -
    Those small moments in life leave lasting impressions.


  • Question Why We Do Things -
    There are always opportunities to explore new ways of doing things to improve the care we provide.


  • Have Fun-
    A smile or laugh will brighten the day.


  • Be A Life-Long Learner -
    Set your next learning goal; think about returning to school.


  • Do Your Best -
    Our children and families deserve only the best; it will also bring you great satisfaction.

Be engaged with our patients and families and in your practice.
At Children’s, great moments occur on a daily basis and “great moments” are created by you!

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