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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses

e-Edition, Issue 5

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Nursing Governance Outcomes

Making a Difference through Nursing Governance Performance Improvement Activities

Nursing Governance Accomplishments

Nurses participated this past year in Nursing Governance councils and interdisciplinary committees to create an environment that promotes collaboration, shared decision making, and accountability to ensure exceptional patient care outcomes. The Nursing Governance Structure included the Executive Nursing Council, Practice Council, Nurse Practitioner Council, Magnet Nursing Steering Committee, Nursing Peer Review Committee, PCD Leadership, Nursing Informatics Council, Professional Development Council, Nurse Research Committee, Family-Centered Care Steering Committee, Lactation Committee, Palliative Care Steering Committee and Patient/Family Education Committee.  The accomplishments of the Nursing Governance councils and committees in 2009 are many, including enhanced practice and systems, staff development, communication and outreach:


  • Achieved Magnet re-designation.
  • Implemented new/revised practices including Central Venous Catheter, Internal Transport of patients, Crash Cart Management, Medication Order Scanning System, and Universal Protocol.
  • Enhanced systems and processes to ensure a safe environment for patients and families.
  • Developed roles and responsibilities for Informatics Super-Users.
  • Participated in Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA) multi-center research study – “Pediatric Inpatient Falls,” June 2008 - November 2008.
  • Conducted “Nurses Perceived Knowledge, Beliefs, Skills and Needs Regarding Evidence-Based Practice Survey,” October 2008, to support development of nursing research/evidence based practice curriculum.
  • Implemented and provided education for new insulin pens, power injector compatible central lines, CVL dressing change kits and lab draw kits.
  • Completed FMEA process for the utilization of the Sigma Pump secondary infusion feature.
  • Increased breastfeeding education of breastfeeding mothers.


  • Modified and implemented proctoring process for Allied Health Professionals (Nurse Practitioners).
  • Provided education to support Nursing Research/Evidence-Based Practice.
  • Introduced a new competency program in conjunction with the Staff Development Framework, stressing critical thinking.
  • Re-established the celebration of Pediatric Nurse Extern graduates.
    • Restructured initial Powerful Precepting course.
  • Educated clinical leaders throughout the organization on the new Magnet Model and associated concepts/standards.


  • Implemented the new Scope of Practice/ Delineation process which has streamlined the process for new hires and for request and granting of additional privileges for all NPs.
  • Formulary information was modified aligning with all privileges granted and Standardized Procedures approved for practice.
  • Participated in the build and implementation of Meditech Client-Server.
  • Initiated monitoring of e-MAR/BMV scanned/unscanned and quality reports.
  • Developed issue resolution algorithms for Client Server.
  • Enhanced the clinical standards review process.
  • Developed and implemented the Policy Review Tool Kit.
  • Enhanced the Nursing Performance improvement reporting process initiating mid-year and end-of-year quality reports and an Annual Quality Forum highlighting performance improvement activities.
  • Enhanced Practice Council committee structure to support increased staff representation from Departmental Practice Teams.


  • Promoted communication of “Magnetic Moments” through iCare.
  • Enhanced communication of new practice issues throughout the division of nursing utilizing Huddle topics, Clinical Updates and the iCare web page.


  • Provided “mentorship” to other healthcare organizations.

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