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The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 12 

Jo Lyons

The Magnet® Culture at Children's Hospital

By Jo Lyons, MOB, BS, RN-BC, Clinical Practice Specialist, Patient Care Support

Magnet® status recognizes outstanding care and represents the Hospital to patients and prospective staff as an employer of choice. Historically, Magnet® organizations have transformed the Hospital environment, fostering innovative, patient-focused initiatives and raising the bar on patient care. Physicians, nurses and staff work together to create a magnetic culture in which new ideas and excellent work practices thrive.

Magnet® recognizes the value of a successful healthcare team. Every member is essential to achieving the best patient outcomes. Doctors and nurses know they're working with the best team and the interdisciplinary team members know they are respected for their professional competence. According to the American Nurse Credentialing Center, one of the most important attributes in attracting high-quality physicians is the presence of high-quality nurses.1

Various staff offered a brief statement supporting Magnet® redesignation by responding to the following question: Why is the Magnet Recognition Program® at Children’s important to you?

  1. “Magnet® is important to me because it means that others recognize what I already know…
    that our Hospital is a great place to work!”  (RN II, Neurology Practice)
  2. “It means we provide a higher level of care for our patients and that there is a higher
    level of nursing expectations.” (RN III, Heart Center)
  3. “There is a high level of quality care.” (RN III, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
  4. “It recognizes the importance of nurses to the organization.” (RN II, Acute Care)
  5. “Magnet® attracts high-quality physicians due to the excellent nursing staff.” (Physician)
  6. “Magnet® demonstrates the quality care that patients receive.” (RN III, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)
  7. “Magnet® status attracts a higher quality of professionals in all job codes.” (Pharmacist)
  8. “Having Magnet® designation means that we have received recognition for providing quality, safe care for the children of California.” (RN III, Emergency Department)
  9. “Nurses are recognized for the value they bring to the organization.” (RN II, Perioperative Care)
  10. “Being a Magnet® Hospital means that there is a culture of shared
    decision-making and accountability.” (Nursing Director)


1 2012 American Nurses Credentialing Center, Magnet Recognition Program®
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