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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Volume 1, Issue 3 

Beverly Hayden Pugh
Magnet LogoSeasons of Change

By Beverly Hayden-Pugh, MOB, BSN, RN, NE-BC
Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

Fall has arrived and with it comes the promise of change.
We are experiencing cooler weather, seeing the changing colors of nature, and sensing the need to bundle up and prepare for the winter to come. Change is underway. Perhaps you have transitioned to your fall wardrobe, raked fallen leaves or, dare I even say it, begun planning for the upcoming holiday season.

Seasons will come and go, bringing change. Many of us enjoy the change in the season, the anticipation of something new; others will miss the summer warmth, and fun family weekend activities. Organizations experience change as well. We have seasons of change.

Change brings the excitement of something new as well as uneasiness around the unknown. We have transitioned several of our information technology systems; from Meditech Magic to Meditech Client Server Health Information System (HIS); and, have implemented Morrisey to enhance our quality and medical staff systems and the Lawson’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Boy in leavesThese are significant changes; not only in magnitude, but more importantly these changes have established a foundation for our future in the management of healthcare information - information that aids us in enhancing the quality and safety of the care we provide to the children of the central valley. It is our responsibility to ensure Children’s Hospital is successful for future generations to come. Through the changes today, we are prepared for tomorrow.

Thank you to the members of the interdisciplinary teams for your planning and preparations; the superusers for your extraordinary support during the implementation and to staff for your positive approach, flexibility, and ongoing focus on the patient and family and for continuing to provide quality, safe patient care. What an incredible time…for truly amazing people who are part of extraordinary change!

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