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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Volume 1, Issue 1

Nursing Excellence IconCustomer Service, Ambulatory Style

Mary (Betsy) Muller, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC
Director, Ambulatory Services

  1. It is smiling and speaking in a cheerful voice to the 40th parent you’ve seen today just as you did to the first.
  2. It is patiently explaining to a mother (over the phone) how to give a needed medication to her child.
  3. It is carefully and expertly obtaining a finger-stick blood sample from a crying child and then praising him or her for their courage.
  4. It is listening for a very long time to a very unhappy father and then hearing him thank you for taking the time to let him unload.
  5. It is rescheduling the follow up appointment with a mother while she tries to coordinate the appointment with her husband on a cell phone that keeps dropping the call.
  6. It is setting up the exam room to make the visit easier and more efficient for the child, family and physician.
  7. It is offering the child and parents a cup of water when they have had to wait a long time for a physician who was caught up in an emergency.
  8. It is helping a child and parents find the laboratory.
  9. It is coordinating with the physician and the Physician Assistant (PA) so an urgent new patient can be tucked into the physician’s schedule, but the other patients won’t have to wait, because the PA will see them.
  10. It is the hard work of Danny Davis, RN, Executive Director, Acute Care, and the people in the Children’s Access Center who are completing a project to enable the “phone” physician to get calls in a timely fashion.
  11. It is taking a couple of extra minutes to find a book to distract a child who is worried about “the needle in my arm.”
  12. It is remembering to Gel In and Gel Out at intake time as well as when going into the exam or procedure room.
  13. It is being thankful for Outpatient Registration (OPR) who reorganized their referral process to ensure that appointments are booked sooner and the Ambulatory Service Representatives (ASRs) have all the information they need.
  14. It is recognizing that our customers encompass the patient, family and many times, their friends and extended family members.
  15. It is recognizing that our customers encompass the entire community, particularly those pediatricians who count on our expertise.
  16. It is recognizing that our customers include all the other employees of Children’s who appreciate our smiles and help.
  17. It is achieving a culture of “yes”.

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