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Theft Hits Adaptive Sports Program

"This is a discouraging setback after working so hard to build up the program."


Thieves who broke into a Clovis storage unit over the weekend stole items used for the hospital's Adaptive Sports Program that provides recreational and athletic experiences for children with disabilities. All of the items were purchased with donated funds and it took several years to be able to purchase needed items to provide an outstanding experience for disabled children.

The items stolen were used for water sports activities and include:

  • 6 life jackets
  • ski ropes
  • a 6-person tent (used to provide privacy for medical support to participating children, such as inserting catheters)
  • camping tables
  • a modified wakeboard used to accommodate children with disabilities

Items can be returned to the hospital or by calling 559.353.6500.

"This is a discouraging setback after working so hard to build up the program," said Dr. Jennifer Crocker, medical director of Children's pediatric rehabilitation center and director of the Adaptive Sports Program. "The children we serve through this program are already at a disadvantage and it's terrible that they are being taken advantage of in this way."

Open to all ages, the Adaptive Sports program is free to children and is the only one of its kind in the Central Valley. It’s designed for individuals with physical and health impairments and conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to spinal cord injuries. The program offers a unique opportunity for people with similar disabilities to come together and increase their social interaction. Parents of special needs children also have the chance to meet other parents and find support, encouragement and friendship.