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Quicker Care for Kids

What Throughput is and what it does


When a child requires emergency care, nothing can be more frustrating for a family than prolonged wait times or problems getting admitted, just ask Pediatric Emergency Physician Lawrence Satkowiak, MD.

Dr. Satkowiak and patientDr. Satkowiak plays a pivotal role in driving the quality of care at Children’s Hospital Central California. He’s charged with providing incredible care and moving patients through their care in the Emergency Department (ED) efficiently – a cornerstone of the Hospital’s Patient Throughput Program.

As Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Children’s Hospital, Dr. Satkowiak oversees a 34-bed ED with over 50,000 patient visits each year. Keeping patients flowing efficiently through Children’s ED is no easy task. He knows firsthand that quick diagnosis and quality care is key to good emergency care.

His team works closely with Patient Throughput Managers and Hospitalists to make sure children are admitted rapidly, moving patients from the ED to an inpatient unit as soon as possible, clearing a room in the ED for the next emergency patient. To aid his team’s efforts, an urgent care area – where minor emergencies are seen – has also been added in the ED.

“We realize parent’s time is valuable,” says Dr. Satkowiak. “Our Emergency Department has a commitment to Patient Throughput. Over the past year our Patient Throughput time has decreased.”

A 30% reduction in wait time in the ED and a customer satisfaction score in the top 20% of pediatric EDs nationwide, are just a few of the tangible benefits our patients have experienced as a result.

An expert in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and a proven physician leader, Dr. Satkowiak has years of experience in pediatric emergency medicine and has served in an administrative capacity. Prior to joining Children’s, Dr. Satkowiak served as Vice-Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Director of Pediatric Emergency Services at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. 

Board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics, Dr. Satkowiak earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, Ohio. He completed his internship and residency in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. He is fellowship trained in pediatric emergency medicine by Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron in Akron, Ohio.

All of his experience is paid forward in his role in the ED in implementing Throughput, which continues to have a positive effect on Central California’s pediatric population. Simply put, less wait time for patients and families and improved care and satisfaction.