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Drill Prepares Children's Team


In mid-November 37 injured students from an area high school Student helps team with disaster drillarrived by ambulance, bus and personal vehicles at Children's Hospital after an IED bomb exploded during a pep rally. Thankfully the event was not real. It was a mock scenario written for Children's bi-annual disaster drill.

Students did arrive but the wounds were an illusion created by makeup and props. The teens were volunteers from McLane High School in Fresno. Doctors, nurses and staff responded as if the event was real.

"Typically what we do in a drill is identify processes, policies and procedures we want to test," DeWayne Sanders, director of facilities Team discusses disaster drillsupport, said. "Then we'll design a drill to test those."

The mock disaster looked very real. To relieve confusion, signs were placed in front of hospital entrances to inform patients and families that they were witnessing a test.

"They actually did everything, the real tests. Not the IV, but to do the heartbeats, they put the stickers on me. I said, oh. I thought it was just pretend," Amber Rodriguez, a McLane High student, said.  "They take everything very seriously."

Student in drill with make-upThe drill scenario included the arrival of TV crews, concerned parents, social workers, added security, and family reunifications.

In case of a large-scale emergency or disaster, Children's Hospital is prepared.