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A Special Graduation Ceremony

Patients who've been hospitalized long-term this year walk through advancement ceremony at Children's


It’s graduation season and Children's Hospital Central California Graduates post for picturesjoined in the pomp and circumstance. Nearly a dozen students who have completed their school year while hospitalized were recognized in a ceremony Thursday, June 2 at the hospital.

Due to the hard work and determination of these students, they have completed their school work and advanced to the next grade. Most have been hospitalized long-term, but have completed their studies under the direction of Joy Hurt, a teacher from the Golden Valley Unified School District.

Parents and friends watch ceremonyTwo kindergartners and two eighth graders received promotion certificates while other students were awarded recognition certificates for their successful completion of the school year.

Attending the ceremony was: Golden Valley Unified superintendent Sarah Koligian; Golden Valley school board members; the district’s director of educational options, Kristi Fisher; families of the students; and Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer Graduates march inBeverly Hayden-Pugh.