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Children’s is Center of Excellence for Child Abuse Treatment; Prevention

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


The Guild’s Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center at Children’s Hospital Central California is now one of the select in the nation qualified as a Center of Excellence, achieving the highest of three benchmarking standards set by the Children’s Hospital Association.

In addition to meeting all basic and advanced-level recommendations, the Guild's Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center is a regional and national leader in child maltreatment and related family violence intervention and prevention.

The center provides around-the-clock compassionate care for children who have been abused and has a robust program with expert staff to address the needs of each child. Through the center, Children’s offers medical care and subspecialty expertise should a child need it. In addition, the Center’s medical director is board certified in both General Pediatrics and Child Abuse Pediatrics.

The team of experts at the Center perform trainings throughout the region on topics related to child abuse for clinical staff, nursing schools, public health programs, law enforcement, social workers and primary care physicians. The team also often reviews abuse cases and can help to rule out child abuse in injury cases.

The Guild's Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center operates a clinic to see follow-up patients and outside referrals. The clinic treats patients for both the physical and psycho-social effects of child abuse.  Since 1999, Children’s multi-disciplinary SCAN (Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect) team comprised of physicians, nurses, social workers, law enforcement, child welfare, public health and other necessary individuals address suspected cases of child abuse.

Children’s works to prevent and raise awareness of child abuse by partnering with other groups in the community such as Child Abuse Prevention Councils of California, Comprehensive Youth Services, Child Welfare Services, Exceptional Parents Unlimited and county health departments to provide education to parents and caregivers.

The Guilds of Children’s Hospital pledged $5 million to provide permanent support for the Guilds of Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center, and their pledge is nearly fulfilled.