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The Fikes' Legacy of Healing

Two generous hearts and a family tradition of helping others

Raymond ranchers, Floyd and Billie Louise Fike, had Central Valley and philanthropic roots that went back to the 1800s. Because the Fikes had visions of their legacy well before their time had passed, we celebrate today a significant estate gift of more than $500,000 to The Children’s Fund at Children’s Hospital Central California.

Two generous hearts and a family tradition of helping others were the catalysts for their estate plans. Billie’s father owned a general store in Strathmore and remembers that, although the family didn’t have much, “Dad would always help kids who were sick and feed people who were hungry.”

Back in 2006, Floyd and Billie Louise donated a 5-acre parcel of property from their Raymond ranch to Children’s Hospital and made provisions for the estate gift at that time. As Central Valley natives, their six children and relatives received care from Children’s Hospital. From a NICU stay to surgery to split chins, as Billie remembers, “we were always taking them to the hospital to get stitched up.”

According to daughter, Dianna Browning, a former patient of Children’s herself, Floyd and Billie "wanted their money to go where it would do the most good, helping innocent children." Children's Hospital Central California was just the spot. Daughter Dianna Browning echoes her mother’s sentiments and felt their symbolic approval as she delivered the donation to Children’s last month. 

Gifts to The Children’s Fund help bridge the gap between possibilities and achievement by allowing the Hospital to direct donated funds to where they are needed most. The Fike's gift will help provide vital resources and expert pediatric care to children throughout Central California.

It has been one year this month since Billie passed (Floyd in 2011), and we thank the Fikes for providing our kids hope for healing and a bright future. The legacies that Floyd and Billie have created will last long beyond our lifetimes, and their actions inspire each of us to consider what we can leave behind to make the community a better place for our family and friends. 

If you would like to explore how you can help the children by providing for Children’s Hospital Central California in your estate plans, please contact Brad Stith at (559) 353-7196 or