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Taco Bell Icon Campaign Tops $1M

Taco Bell customers give $1 several thousand times over during recent campaign to raise much needed funds for Children's Hospital Central California.


Dave Olson, president, OCAT, INC, one of the leading franchisees Dave Olson with thank you cardin the Taco Bell system, joined area Taco Bell owner/operators in the Guild Hall of Fame at Children's Hospital Central California on Oct. 18 to present a check in support of the Hospital.

Taco Bell team members served as ambassadors on behalf of young patients to promote healing in their lives. By asking for a $1 donation from every customer, 94 Taco Bell restaurants decorated their walls with icons and raised $250,000 to benefit Children’s Hospital. Participating Taco Bell locations in Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto and San Luis Obispo sold the $1 icons over a five-week period last summer.

Taco Bell icon campaigns, golf tournaments and grants from the Taco Bell Foundation have contributed a total of $1,779,701 over the past eight years. The icon campaign alone has raised more than $1 million.

Dave Olson presents check to HospitalOlson presented the $250,000 check to Todd Suntrapak, president and chief executive officer, Children's Hospital, to help ensure ill and injured children throughout Central California continue to receive the very best care.

The patients, families and staff at Children’s thank Taco Bell for their continued support, and thank Taco Bell’s customers for generously contributing to meet the Hospital’s greatest needs.

Icon campaign donations over the years:

  • 2005: $  21,250
  • 2006: $  41,069
  • 2007: $  72,551
  • 2008: $100,063
  • 2009: $165,483
  • 2010: $227,628
  • 2011: $240,000
  • 2012: $250,000