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SuperVision Saves Lives!

Water Safety partnership between Children's Hospital Central California and Kohl's Cares takes on a whole new look.


This summer coming to a movie theater, television, radio and SuperVisionmagazine near you is SuperVision.

Who keeps kids safe near the water with a watchful eye? Who keeps children from danger by staying aware of their movements near the water? Who protects kids from water related injuries or accidents?


By following the ABCs of water safety!

  • A is for Adult Supervision. Watch your kids when they’re in or around the water.
  • B is for Barriers. Use proper pool fencing and locked doors to keep your kids safe when they’re near the water.
  • C is for Classes. Swimming lessons and CPR courses increase preparedness and could make the difference in an emergency.

That’s the A, B, Cs of Water Safety!

But just remember: supervision is the number one way to keep your kids water safe. Watching your kids when they’re near water prevents accidents. So the next time you’re near the water, remember...supervision saves lives.

Kohl's LogoThe Kohl's Water Safety Program - a partnership between Children's Hospital Central California and Kohl's Cares – provides broad-based awareness messaging, educational opportunities and community outreach events to children and families on water safety and drowning prevention. The multifaceted program aims to decrease water-related injuries and drowning and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of children in communities served by Children's Hospital and Kohl's Department Stores.