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Neurosurgery Receives Special Donation

Amey family supports neurosurgeon’s work


Philanthropists Scott and Deborah Amey of Great Falls, Va., credit Dr. Gary Magram, medical director of neurosurgery at Children's Hospital Central California, with saving their daughter’s life. In July 2009 they gave $50,000 to establish the Gary Magram, MD, Neurosurgical Research Fund in support of his efforts to discover ways to minimize complications often associated with brain surgery.

With the Ameys’ June 2012 contribution of $50,000, the grateful parents have given a total of $204,000 to the research fund. “While my primary focus has always been patient clinical care, I have also wanted to continue to pursue my interest in neurosurgical research,” said Dr. Magram, acknowledging the Ameys’ gifts are making that possible.

The Ameys have not limited their philanthropy to the Gary Magram, MD, Neurosurgical Research Fund. In response to Dr. Magram’s request for support to meet ongoing needs in the neurosurgery program, the Ameys offered a matching gift of $25,000 to establish the Pediatric Neurosurgery Fund at Children's Hospital Central California. An initial $1,000 contribution was made by their personal friends.

The Pediatric Neurosurgery Fund will provide resources for training and materials for neurosurgery clinicians and staff in support of pediatric neurosurgical diagnoses and treatments. The fund will also support equipment purchases related to the department’s rapid growth, ongoing clinical research, and community and organizational outreach.

Simulataneous to the $1,000 contribution, the needed $25,000 in matching funds came from a $1 million donation given in memory of Central Valley native Robert Michael Shapazian from the Robert M. Shapazian Trust, which will also support the Hospital’s child life and oncology programs.

“As grateful parents we realize how important it is to give back and advance medicine not only for us but for others, too,” said Deborah Amey. “In setting up this fund, I would like to encourage people to give back and work in concert with the neurosurgery department, and make it not just a one-time thing but ongoing support.”

Contributions to the Pediatric Neurosurgery Fund at Children's Hospital Central California can be made by contacting the Foundation at (559) 353-7100.