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Donors Support Expansion Project

Children's expands neonatal intensive care unit at Saint Agnes


Friends of Children's Hospital Central California recently contributed to a special project designed to expand the Hospital’s satellite neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Saint Agnes Medical Center.

To enhance neonatal care and keep more hospitalized moms and their critically ill babies together, Wells Fargo Foundation donated $75,000 and the McGowan family pledged $50,000 in support of Children’s NICU Program Expansion at Saint Agnes.

Positive Touches

“We’re a community bank,” said David Galasso, executive vice president and Northern and Central California regional David Galassopresident, Wells Fargo Bank. “A lot of people define ‘community bank’ as a small bank, but I define it as a bank that’s involved in the community with human capital and financial support.”

An active and valued member of our community, Wells Fargo has partnered with Children's Hospital Central California numerous times.

“When I relocated to Fresno going on four years ago, I heard about Children's and was told by more than one person that I needed to see it,” said Galasso. “It’s hard not to become overly impressed and overwhelmed with all that is going on there. The Hospital is nothing short of an inspiration.”

Wells Fargo logoGalasso soon joined the Children’s Hospital Foundation board. “Being pretty close to the action in my role as a board member, I make sure Wells Fargo is aware of the initiatives and needs of the Hospital, and that we’re aligning our team members with what they’re most passionate about,” he said. “The number of lives that are touched by Children's Hospital is just phenomenal. It’s hard to not run into someone that has not been touched, and in every case those touches have been positive.”

Wells Fargo’s generosity means more young families will experience a positive touch from Children's Hospital.

“We can only be as strong as the community we serve,” said Galasso. “And the community can only be as strong as the health of its children and families, and that’s why we support Children's Hospital Central California.”

Family Ties

“Certain things are gems of the community and NICU BabyChildren's Hospital Central California is one of those gems,” said Thomas C. McGowan, who together with his wife, Karen S. McGowan, gave $10,000 and pledged another $40,000 over the next four years to the NICU Expansion. “It’s important when you’re helped along the way to give back.”

The McGowans’ daughter, Michele Grazulis, works as a nurse NICU Babypractitioner at Charlie Mitchell Children’s Center. “My parents are always looking for ways to give back,” she said. “Mom’s a doer and Dad’s a giver.”

The McGowans’ daughter-in-law, Katie McGowan, also works at Children’s, serving as a part-time nurse in McGowan childsurgery. As the mother of twins born prematurely and cared for in the Children’s Regional Level III NICU, she was pleased to learn the NICU Expansion will bring the same high level of neonatal care now available only at Children's Hospital Central California to our satellite NICU at Saint Agnes Medical Center. “I had to stay in the hospital for eight days while the twins were at Children’s,” she said. “Keeping them with me would’ve been nice.”

Helping Hands

Children's Hospital Central California plans to open the newly expanded McGowan childunit in late 2013. We invite you to join Wells Fargo Foundation and the McGowan family in our efforts to keep moms and babies together while both receive high-quality, compassionate care. For more information, contact the Foundation at 559.353.7100.