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Madera Jet Center Supports Children’s Hospital


Madera Jet Center’s Legends Over Madera VIP Dinner Dance raised $4,000 for Children’s Hospital Central California.Madera Jet raised $4,000 for Children's Hospital

The May 30 event held during the weekend of the Legends Over Madera Air Show, featured a live performance by the Cadillac Boys and a silent auction. Air show pilots were among those in attendance.

Albert Buccieri, Madera Jet Center president, said the exceptional care the Hospital provides the son of employee Tony Barba and his wife Dawn, a Children’s Hospital nurse, inspired him to hold the event. Their son Phillip, 4, was born with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means the left side of his heart was small and underdeveloped.

Willson Heart Center pediatric cardiologist John Caton and pediatric cardiac surgeon Edwin Petrossian are part of a multidisciplinary team caring for Phillip, who has undergone four open heart surgeries and has a pacemaker.

“Children’s Hospital means hope for so many children and their families,” said Buccieri. “Phillip would not be here today without the tremendous team of dedicated doctors and nurses who utilize the latest technology to save lives.”

Phillip’s mother, who has worked at Children’s Hospital for 20 years, echoed this sentiment.

“I think we’re a special place, not just for Phillip, but for every child,” said Dawn Barba, adding that Phillip is doing well and will attend kindergarten in the fall. “These people’s skills are fantastic. You hand over your child and they work miracles.”

Madera Jet Center is a full-service fixed based operation serving flight crews along the West Coast. It offers aircraft detailing, storage and management services.