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Visalia Girls Support Children’s


Dubbed the Charity Girls, three Visalia girls sold lemonade to raise money for Children’s Hospital Central California. Their efforts netted $101 to support the crucial work the Hospital does on behalf of kids.Charity Girls sell lemonade to raise money for Children's

According to mom Diana Moore, it all started when her 9-year-old daughter Elizabeth decided she wanted to set up a lemonade stand. Elizabeth teamed up with her younger sister Hannah, 6, and her friend Allison Ludlow, 9, and the Charity Girls were born.

Inspired by the care a friend from their Sunday school class received at Children’s, they decided to give the money they raised to the hospital. The Charity Girls sold lemonade during Labor Day weekend. The girls collected $101 in two hours.

Moore said people honked their cars and waved at the girls. Some Visalia residents even wrote them checks.

The Charity Girls plan to continue selling lemonade to raise money for worthy causes.