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Art pioneer honored


Local artist Margaret Hudson was honored at a luncheon at Children’s Hospital Central California this week.

Mrs. Hudson’s sculptures can be seen in many places around the Hospital grounds, bringing joy to the thousands of patients and families who visit Children’s every year.

Margaret Hudson with Mr. HaugThe idea of honoring Mrs. Hudson belonged to William F. Haug, Children’s president and CEO. Mr. Haug attended an event at The Margaret Hudson Gallery where the discussion turned to the various pieces of art that Mrs. Hudson had donated and installed at the Hospital over the years. Considering Mrs. Hudson’s deep connection to our cause, he decided that it would be a very good time to show our appreciation. 



Hudson statue of children

 The luncheon was an intimate gathering that included Hospital executives, the Hospital’s art committee, representatives from the Guilds of Children’s Hospital, and members of the Hospital’s Foundation. Each participant introduced themselves, and each had a “Margaret Hudson story."  For instance, Children’s Executive Director of Acute Care Danny Davis talked about his child’s visit to Mrs. Hudson’s Earth Arts Studio, and Guilds Coordinating Council Chair Stephanie Houlding has a child who will be attending the same workshop in April.


Hudson with Guild LeadersChief Nursing Officer Beverly Hayden- Pugh talked about the “tumbling children” statues below her office windows, and how much she enjoys seeing children imitate the poses and interact with the artwork. Mr. Haug recalled that the large bear statues in our rehabilitation courtyard are one of his first memories from when he joined the Hospital in 1999.

Susan Lea-Sturgill, Children’s director of Child Life Services and member of the Hospital’s art committee thanked Mrs. Hudson as part of the program, pointing out that art can be an important part of healing, and that Mrs. Hudson’s work has touched many lives at Children’s Hospital.

Mrs. Hudson’s remarks were brief, and she thanked the Hospital for its work for our Valley’s children, and pointed out that we are all artists in our own way.

Hudson Bears“We just don’t all paint on canvas,” she told the group.

The backdrop for the event included three new paintings that Mrs. Hudson is donating to Children’s Hospital. Attending with Mrs. Hudson were her personal assistant Inez Tilden and The Hudson Gallery’s office manager Barbara Stewart.

The Children’s Hospital art committee is working to provide art for the Paramount Farms Plaza, the expansion project that will open in 2011.