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Wishon Radiology Donates $50K

Pediatric imaging program has partnered with Children’s Hospital for over 50 years.


Wishon Radiological Medical Group, Inc. has donated $50,000 to support ongoing construction efforts for the new Paramount Farms Plaza at Children’s Hospital Central California.

Wishon Radiology has been an important partner of Children’s Hospital since the late 1950s. Dr. Paul Myers and Dr. Bill Beam founded the practice as a small outpatient radiology office on Wishon Blvd. in Fresno’s Tower District.

As the practice grew, Wishon started seeing patients from Children’s Hospital as well as other hospitals in Fresno and surrounding rural areas. At the start of the partnership with Children’s, the Hospital required just one radiologist for about two hours a day. Children’s Radiology Department consisted of a single X-ray machine and a fluoroscopy machine. Ultrasound, CT scanners, nuclear medicine and MRI had yet to be developed.

As Children’s grew, its imaging needs increased. Dr. Beam began working with Children’s full-time, recruiting fellow pediatric radiologist Dr. Jim McLaughlin to help develop a comprehensive pediatric radiology program. For the next 20 years, Dr. Beam anchored the program.
Today, Wishon Radiology is one of the 10 largest pediatric imaging programs in the United States. The Group’s expert team of physicians includes Dr. J. Charles Smith, Dr. James Forsythe, Dr. Michael Myracle, Dr. Fred Laningham, and Dr. William Hastrup, Jr.

Wishon Radiology Group’s generous donation is part of the current $42 million Campaign for Children’s fundraising initiative. The Campaign will not only support construction of Paramount Farms Plaza but also fund The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment, the Willson Heart Center Endowment, the Endowment for Excellence, and the Children’s Fund.

In recognition of  its support, Wishon Radiology Group will be featured on the Hospital’s Employee and Physician Donor Wall as well as the new “Champions for Children” Donor Wall (pictured) inside the new Paramount Farms Plaza.

“I think for all of us, Children’s is not just the place where we work, it’s value is broader and deeper,” said Dr. Smith. “My own children have been patients here since their exams with the prenatal program to the time they came back from college. My family has been the beneficiary of the many talented and passionate people that make up Children’s Hospital.”