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Guilds Celebrate 60 Years


The Guilds of Children’s Hospital celebrated 60 years of supporting Children’s Hospital Central California.

Over the last 60 years the Guilds have become a vital part of Children’s Hospital. They are the largest financial contributor to the hospital, having raised more than $20 million since 1949, and recent made a $5 million total pledge is the largest single donation in the history of the hospital.

“It was through the fundraising efforts of the original Guild that Children’s Hospital was constructed in Fresno on donated land,” said James Meinert, Vice President, Foundation. “All proceeds raised through the Guilds fundraisers and activities are used to support much needed equipment, projects and endowments, helping make Children’s Hospital a center for excellence in children’s health care.”

In June the Guilds of Children’s Hospital voted to support a new fundraising pledge of $4 million intended to establish The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Endowment at Children’s Hospital Central California.  The pledge augments a gift of $1 million made earlier this year. Representatives from all 14 of the Guilds voted to establish the endowment and pledged to raise the $4 million over the next six years.

“They could not have chosen a more important area to support,” said Meinert. “This will allow us to provide critical care to some of the most vulnerable children we see.  This is a noble and touching cause and the Guilds’ commitment is outstanding. The Guilds are truly a driving force behind support at Children’s Hospital.”

Three to five percent of all Children’s Hospital inpatient cases are caused by abuse or neglect.  From 2004-2006, 34 percent of children under the age of one seen at Children’s for trauma had non-accidental trauma injuries.  Children’s Child Abuse Program focuses on the education, prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse and supports advocacy for the protection of children.