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More than 60 Years of Giving

Guilds raise more than half a million dollars to benefit The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment


The Guilds of Children’s Hospital Central California celebrated more than six decades of supporting Central Valley children during their annual All Guild Picnic at the home of Carl and Barbara Ueland, supporters of Children’s Hospital, in Fresno.

Guilds present check to Bill Haug and Dr. HydenDuring the lunch, Guild Coordinating Council Chair Stephanie Houlding presented Children’s Hospital President and CEO, William F. Haug and Dr. Philip Hyden, medical director of The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center, with a check for $582,948.26.

“This is a spectacular gift,” said Mr. Haug. “I can’t tell you how much we appreciate what you do and what you have done historically for this organization.”

Guilds annual picnicThe donation represents the combined efforts of the Guilds and their yearlong effort in 2009, to raise money for The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment. Throughout the year Guilds’ hold numerous events and two Guilds operate stores six days a week.

“All the guilds came together to celebrate their successes and reflect on what those five founding mothers were planning 61 years ago when they started raising funds for the Hospital,” said Houlding.

In 2008, the Guilds pledged $1 million toward The Endowment over two years, which they completed six months ahead of time. In 2009, they pledged another $4 million over six years. The money raised this past year goes towards reaching that goal.

Guild annual picnic“I came here to help children in our nine county service area,” said Dr. Hyden, who was formally introduced to the Guilds and was the guest speaker at the event. “We have a big job to do, child abuse and neglect is infamous in all of those counties.”

Up to 5 percent of Children’s inpatient population is here because of suspected abuse or neglect and about one-third of our trauma cases under age 1 are non-accidental injury. The Endowment by our Guilds will support The Guild Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center, which Guild Picnicincludes a medical clinic, the SCAN (Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect) Team and community outreach and education.

“We want to be able to provide more than just acute care, we want to provide the comprehensive short and long-term care they need as far as medical and therapeutic follow-up, for children that have post-traumatic stress or any other mental health issue based upon the injuries that they have sustained and the type of environment they come from,” said Dr. Hyden, who – working in conjunction with outside organizations such as child welfare services and law enforcement – will oversee suspected child abuse and neglect patients, focusing on expanding clinical services for these patients and research to address child abuse injuries.

Guild annual picnicIn 1949, the Guilds of Children’s Hospital rallied the community to fulfill a vision to build a state-of-the-art facility for local sick and injured kids.

“I hope you understand the role you have played in generating the level of enthusiasm around this program,” said Mr. Haug. “Without your commitment to child abuse and prevention, we wouldn’t have Dr. Hyden and this incredibly talented staff. You are the reason why we are where we are with this program.”

More than 200 Guild members attended the picnic, hosted by Holiday Guild. Each of the 14 Guilds recognized a volunteer of the year, and had a Guild annual picnicdisplay featuring its history and how it raises money for the Hospital.

Since their inception, the Guilds have been a vital part of Children’s Hospital. They have raised more than $22 million, making them the Hospital’s largest financial contributor. The Guilds are able to make million dollar pledges, like The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Endowment, through hard work and a mutual love of the Hospital.

“For families in the Central Valley this donation really means protection for more of our children in general,” said Houlding. “Unfortunately, child abuse is a major problem in our communities. It’s also about putting children on a better path in life, to make sure they don’t get ‘swept under the rug.’”