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Jim Brusenback, RN, BSN

Children’s Clinical Nurse of the Year

Jim has been a registered nurse in the Emergency Department (ED) since 1991. Functioning in a variety of roles within the ED including Clinical Educator, Supervisor and Charge Nurse, he has made significant contributions to patient care. Jim contributed to the design and development of the Emergency Department Tracker, online nursing documentation and computerized physician order entry (CPOE). He provided education and training for each of these projects. Jim’s design and development processes are being utilized by other areas within the facility. His approach is very practical, centering on the patient and nursing work flows. He is open to input from all members of the team to continuously improve processes and outcomes for ED patients and families.

As co-chair of the Major Care Subgroup in the ED’s Patient Throughput initiatives, Jim has facilitated many strategies and action plans that have resulted in significant decreases in throughput times and left without treatments (LWOTS).  Patient LWOTs averaged 10.7% in 2006; Jim’s leadership and performance improvement plans have contributed to LWOTS decreasing to 3.2% in 2007. His leadership has provided open dialogue, creative ideas and “thinking out of the box.” Jim’s leadership inspires and influences team work, accountability, competency among staff and physicians, and fosters trust.

Often serving as a mentor for new and experienced nurses, Jim is a continuing resource to all staff in the area of clinical practice, providing support as needed with high acuity patients. His knowledge, skills and leadership abilities has greatly impacted his department, his team and patient care.