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Jenny Gapper, RN, CCRN

Committed to Professional Nursing Practice

On the frontline for quality care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Children’s Hospital Central California, Jenny Gapper, RN, CCRN leads the nursing charge to deliver optimal treatment to patients and families.

Jenny Gapper As the incoming chair of the PICU Nurse Practice Council, Gapper heads up implementing and maintaining evidenced-based standards of clinical nursing practice and patient care. This includes reviewing every unit policy from ventilator care to visitor guidelines to ensure the PICU is providing the best care possible. The council also develops new policies as innovative procedures and equipment are put in place.

“Every single day there is a question about a policy, what needs to be done, how can we make it better, what could be done to improve our practice,” Gapper said. “Nursing is changing all the time and you just have to be very receptive to change.”

Gapper also serves as the PICU representative on the Hospital-wide nurse practice council. She is a relief charge nurse, crisis nurse and a member of the continuous renal replacement therapy team. She does vital sign and quality initiative audits, precepts new hires and is a pediatric advanced life support instructor.

“No matter what the job is, you can trust she will do it,” said PICU Director Diane Civiello, RN, BSN, MS, CNA-BC.

Originally from England, Gapper has more than 30 years’ nursing experience. She has worked in critical care at several children’s hospitals but has enjoyed working at Children’s Hospital Central California the most.

“This is the third children’s hospital that I have worked at in the country and by far they are the friendliest people,” Gapper said. “Our doctors are very kind people and they always have the family’s interests at heart. I enjoy the variety and the teamwork.”

PICU nurses often spend a significant amount of time talking with families because their patients are too ill to do so. Gapper chats with them about their interests, encourages them to rest and eat, and shares something about herself and her family.

“It’s really nice to have the patients come back and tell you what it meant to have those conversations,” Gapper said. “Recently a patient family came up and they were just so grateful and thankful to us.”

Gapper resides in Fresno with her husband. They have two adult children, a son and a daughter. In her free time, she travels, sews quilts and knits. Very athletic, she competes in marathons and triathlons.