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Nursing Excellence May 2015 

May 2015

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 Nursing Excellence May 2014

May 2014


Transformational Leadership

Structural Empowerment

Exemplary Professional Practice

New Knowledge, Improvements and Innovations







 Nursing Excellence February 2014

February 2014

Our Community 

Children's Hospital Adaptive Sports

The Kohl's Water Safety Program

Trauma Program Injury Prevention

The Guilds Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Center

Parent to Parent

Why Should I Read This Article?

Patient Satisfaction Comments




 Nursing Excellence October 2013

October 2013

The Drivers of our Practice 

 Applying the Nursing Professional Practice Model at the Bedside


 Professional Practice

 Collaborative Relationships


 Research/Evidence-Based Practice

 Professional Development

 Reward and Recognition

 Theoretical Framework


Nursing Excellence May 2013

May 2013

The Drivers of our Practice 

 Applying the Nursing Professional Practice Model at the Bedside


 Professional Practice

 Collaborative Relationships


 Research/Evidence-Based Practice

 Professional Development

 Reward and Recognition

 Theoretical Framework

Nursing Excellence Issue JAN2013January 2013

The History of Nursing Governance at Children’s

Nursing Governance – A Component of our Professional Practice

Governing Perspectives
- Practice Council
- Nurse Practitioner Council
- Nursing Research Council
- Nursing Peer Review Committee
- Professional Development Council
- Customer Service Committee
- Family-Centered Care Steering Committee

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Partners in Care Council

Reflection of Ambulatory Nursing National Certification



Nursing Excellence Issue 12Issue 12

Magnetically Charged

Leadership That Transforms

Empowered Nursing

Exemplary Care

Innovations In Nursing

The Magnet Culture

Meditech Scanning and Archiving






Nursing Excellence 11Issue 11

Professional Values
Theoretical Framework
Professional Practice
Collaborative Relationships
Care Delivery
Research / Evidence-Based Practice
Professional Development
Reward and Recognition



Nursing Excellence 10Issue 10

Becoming The BEST

Evidence, Research and Quality Improvement in Clinical Practices

Intentional Care of the Spirit - A Nurse's Gift to Her Community

A Nursing Career - Challenges in Care for Ourselves

Nephrology and Peritoneal Dialysis Clinical Nursing: What Goes On In Here?

Surviving Childhood Cancer

Necessity is the Mother of Re-Invention

Patient Satisfaction Comments




Nursing Excellence 9Issue 9

A Recipe for Advanced Clinical Systems
Code of Ethics for Nurses
Champions… A Key to Success
Optimizing the Wound Healing Environment
Electronic Documentation
The Pace of Regulatory Change
Alphabet Soup in the Ambulatory Division 
Shared Governance: PICU Skin Care Program
Striving for Excellence in Children's Asthma Care
Patient Satisfaction Comments




Nursing Excellence 8Issue 8

Nursing Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow - Making A Difference
Nursing Through The Generations
Family Footsteps: Generations of Influence
Family Footsteps: Born To Be…
Family Footsteps: Nursing, It's In The Family
It's Not Your Grandma's Student Program
Nurse of the Year 2011
Evaluation of the Humpty Dumpty Fall Risk Screening Tool
Enhancements to Nursing Professional Practice
Contributions to Practice
Leadership in Professional Nursing Organizations



Nursing Excellence 7Issue 7

A Walk On The Family Side
Patient Family Satisfaction
Family-Centered Medical Care
Family-Centered Communication
Nursing and Child Life
Spiritual Care
Family-Centered CARE
Pediatric Diabetes Care
Supporting Teens on Dialysis
Patient Satisfaction Comments



Nursing Excellence 6Issue 6

Great Moments
Shining Stars
Pediatric Early Warning Tools
Informatics: The Language of Nursing
Nursing Peer Review
NICU Outreach Education
What is "Just Culture"?
Patient Satisfaction Comments




Nursing Excellence 5
Issue 5

Nursing Rights and Responsibilities
Nurse of the Year 2010
PICU Beacon Award
Critical Care Transport Excellence
A Culture of Inquiry
Nursing Governance Outcomes
Parents As Partners In Care
Professional Development
Contributions to Practice
Contributions to New Knowledge - Nursing Research
Leadership In Professional Nursing Organizations
Patient Satisfaction Comments



Nursing Excellence 4
Issue 4

A Decade of Difference
National Certifications 2009
The Benefits of Certification
A Journey to National Certification
A Vision for Advanced Respiratory Therapist Credentialing
The PICU's National Certification Journey
Working for a Living
Success - A Team Effort





Nursing Excellence 3
Issue 3

Seasons of Change
Change and Transition
Career Path to Success
Decreasing Medication Errors Through Reporting of Unusual Occurrences
Demystifying Simulation
Breastfeeding: Improving the Health of Baby and Mom
Addressing Parent’s Fear of the MMR Vaccine
NICU Nursing in Nepal





Nursing Excellence Issue 2Issue 2

In This Issue
Patient Satisfaction
Patient Involvement
Family-Centered Care
Nurse of the Year
Child Abuse
Chemotherapy Course
Complete Quality





Nursing Excellence Issue OneIssue 1

In This Issue
Asking Questions...Looking for Answers
Central Line Follow-Up
Patient Safety
Complete Quality
Nursing Informatics 101
Ambulatory Customer Service
Customer Comments
New Nurses
Publishing Guidelines