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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Volume 1, Issue 3 

Patient Satisfaction Comments


"We had tons of concerns and questions and each one was answered in detail and we left feeling very empowered in helping our son.  Your neurology department was by far the most organized, efficient, and well prepared area we have visited thus far."

"The Dr's, nurses, volunteers, are all awesome and caring staff - awesome people"

"I love Children's Hospital.  The people are friendly and they treat our son and family with respect.  Everything went along really fast-registration was a breeze.  The doctor, nurse, assistant...they were great with our child and us.  Excellent.  Our personal issues were handed with the utmost concern.  Everything about Children's Hospital was awesome.  You're doing great already.  Why change.  Thank you for being there when we needed you the most."


"Everyone is always very caring and I'm thankful for your honesty to my daughter your patient to make her feel comfortable.  Very polite.  The waiting rooms very clean.  Answer all my questions thoroughly and gave us time to ask question at great lengths.  Loved that they explained the whole process to my child and I before any procedure being done.  Very concerned if my child said to stop if it hurt.  It is a pleasure to always go back because they always make us feel like we are family.  Thank you for all you have done."


"Everyone who has every helped me has been wonderful.  I never had any problems.  Everyone is so wonderful and very friendly with me and my daughter.  Everyone is so helpful.  The hospital is always clean and I like the fact that there are always sanitizers for your hands in every room."


"Great nursing staff.  My son loved them all."


"Diana & Jessica were wonderful!! Explorer Nurses.  Everybody was very attentive and comforting to Taylor. The nurses really got us ready and were very informative."


"The nursing staff and doctors were so informative and courteous I was thankful to have them."


"Everything was very good.  I thank them all for their good work.  Very good-liked them all.  Thank you all.  Very good.  All hospitals should be as kind and as good as the Staff at Children's Hospital."

"The entire hospital staff was very polite and showed concern for me and my child as if we were family.  They were all great!"

"All nurses were awesome.  It made the experience for my daughter at ease, given the circumstance.   Thank you for the professional quality service we received.  Everyone did a great job.  It's very comforting from the beginning which allows the parents to feel more at ease.  Thank you."

"Judy Foley and Jaquline in recovery were just phenomenal, very down to earth and 'real', grateful for them"

"Nurses provided excellent care!"

"The experience was wonderful.  The staff was so polite and answered all my questions. "

"Darlene, one of the Day Surgery Recovery Room Nurses, took good care of our 7 months old son.  She is very caring and compassionate.  Her professionalism and friendliness put us and our son at ease.  Children's has a welcoming environment with a friendly and knowledgeable staff of surgeons, nurses, and physicians who are dedicated to our Children's health and well being."

"Thank you to members of the staff who helped my daughter stay calm before the procedure.  Although any parent would prefer to not have to experience these hard moments, it's comfortable to know that there is a place such as Children's that we can count with."

"The nurses were wonderful.  All nurses were very concerned about our son and made him feel very comfortable."



"I am really thankful to all staff at the hospital.  They were all really good and caring."

"Everything about your facility is outstanding. We are so grateful for the care our daughter received at Children’s.  Thank you to all the staff, administrations & nurses, physicians! God Bless you all."



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