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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Volume 1, Issue 1

Guidelines for Nursing Excellence Newsletter & Magnetic Moments

Denise Vermeltfoort, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Director, Regulatory and Clinical Practice

Do you have a story to share, perhaps an evidence-based change in practice, a “magnetic moment”, new nursing research or examples of the Forces of Magnetism? Sharing information, successes and recognition are important. Nursing Excellence and “Magnetic Moments” are available for you to share your professional practice stories.

Nursing Excellence IconNursing Excellence is a quarterly electronic publication. The newsletter focuses on the professional practice of nursing at Children’s. Generally, articles are related to new processes, performance improvement, professional practice topics, patient safety and include evidence-based references. Submitting an article for publication in Nursing Excellence also meets the Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) Professional Practice Indicator “publication submitted to a professional journal/newsletter or hospital newsletter.” To meet CAP requirements the article must be a “publishable submission.”  We will partner with you to finalize the article. This may include requests for further information/details, references and/or formatting changes. Although we may not be able to publish all submissions, we will recognize your efforts through CAP. A formal e-mail will be forwarded to you and your Director delineating the article as a “publishable submission.”

Magnet LogoMagnetic Moments are published monthly and generally represent short stories recognizing accomplishments, successes and excellence. They may also include examples of the professional practice of nursing, performance improvement or examples of the Forces of Magnetism. Although a Magnetic Moment submission would not represent a publication to a newsletter as defined by CAP, it is important to share our successes and accomplishments with each other.   


We will include many of your Magnetic Moments and Nursing Excellence articles. Although we may not be able to publish all submissions, we appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments. Submission Guidelines are available on Children's intranet's nursing site, iCare, in the Patient Care Toolbox. 

Share those magnetic moments! Contribute to the knowledge of others!  Celebrate nursing! We look forward to articles and stories from you.


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