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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 9 

Patient Satisfaction Comments


I would like to thank Flavia for listening to my concerns, for helping me feel comfortable, and for being friendly and smiling. Each and every one of the nurses and doctors is a wonderful and good person. Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very grateful to everyone. Everything was very good and may God take care of you and keep you safe.

I would like to thank Rosalinda for helping me feel comfortable. Everyone that came in was very nice and helpful. They treated baby as if she were their own.


Day Surgery

Our pre-op nurse, Denise, was wonderful and she even came back to check on my son after surgery.



I would like to thank Tamara for making sure I ate good and had all
I needed to sleep on – pillows and covers all the time.


I would like to thank Savath for being friendly and smiling and always being there when needed. Everyone was extremely nice, attentive and excellent in everything they did. THANK YOU very much especially... Savath for making us feel like family and never losing their professionalism.


Emergency Room

Jacob was my nurse and he was amazing! He was extremely sincere and very helpful. Jacob was the absolute best nurse you have there. I have been to Children’s about 12 times and always have a great experience but he went above and beyond for me and my son.


I would like to thank Ella in ER for being friendly and smiling. We love Ella because she explained the Mascot and his heart and why he was chosen. Ella's a good story teller. Thanks, Ella. Your smile kept me calm.


Written by patient: As soon as I was in I was treated right away. Nurses took it easy and made sure to move me as little as possible to prevent moving my leg at all. Thank you everyone for the best outcome possible. I was in pain but my visit there was great!!



I would like to thank Yee, Pahoua and Pa for listening to my concerns, Lisa for helping me feel comfortable, Rochelle and Rachel for being friendly and smiling, Jesus for concerns for comfort, and Ruben and Andrew for being friendly and for concerns for comfort. All staff was wonderful and made us feel right at home.


Thank you for taking care of my little girl for 25 days. I really appreciate all that has been done. I love when your staff shows concern for the children. Thank you again.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - Endeavor

I would like to thank Aleta for listening to my concerns, helping me feel comfortable and being friendly and smiling. Aleta had outstanding interpersonal skills – she made me feel so comfortable and was so informative I loved her dedication!



I would like to thank Christen for helping me feel comfortable and for being friendly and smiling. This hospital is great and everyone is so nice! Keep up the great work.


Patient Care Support

I would like to thank Rachel for helping prevent a lot of pain with the PICC line. 



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Patient Satisfaction Comments