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Nursing Excellence

The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 4 

Magnet LogoDan Engelhaupt
A Vision for Advanced Respiratory Therapist Conditioning

By Daniel Engelhaupt, RCP, RRT
Director Respiratory Care Services

In February 2008, the Respiratory Care Services (RCS) Department set as a goal the establishment of a shared vision for the department. The vision that was adopted raised the bar of expectations for staff professionally as well as clinically.  To achieve this lofty vision the first requirement was for all current Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) to achieve the advanced Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential by Aug. 1, 2009. The second requirement was that all new graduate RCPs hired by Children’s Hospital Central California would achieve their RRT credential within 12 months. By elevating the credentialing requirement for RCPs, we believe that we are showing a professional commitment to excellence in healthcare as well as in developing ourselves to our fullest potential.

The RRT requirement affected 34 RCPs at Children’s Hospital. The majority of them were veteran RCPs who had been out of the school environment for several years. We knew it would be difficult for some and challenging for all who participated, all the while RCS leadership knew that each person had the potential to learn, or re-learn, the information required to succeed in this endeavor. After all, each of these individuals had demonstrated a Children’s “can do” spirit that earned them a position in our organization.

We learned many things along the way. We learned the importance of:

  • Patience – Sometimes the “road” through the application process is straight and other times a winding path.
  • Flexible learning – Access to electronic study materials and practice exams are not always available, don’t forget the traditional pencil and paper. 
  • Friends studying with friends – Colleagues, sharing their experiences both clinical and with the credentialing process, serve as motivators and supporters for each other.
  • Life-long learning – Even experienced RCPs can learn something new.  Educators have relished for centuries the look on a student’s face and the twinkle in their eye when they reach a point of understanding that they hadn’t been able to reach before. So too was the RCPs who took on and achieved this accomplishment.
  • Collegial support – Our colleagues believe in our abilities and will pitch in and help if asked. Some secretly desired an outstretched hand of help. Others preferred to slog through the mire on their own knowing that they would feel a greater sense of accomplishment by doing it themselves than if they accepted the willing assistance of others.

Lastly, we learned that our nursing colleagues could also be resources for our endless questions and cheerleaders for our successes. As is displayed day in and day out at Children’s, the bond between respiratory care and nursing is as vital to the success of each of us as individuals, as it is to the successful care and healing of the children we serve.

What did we accomplish with this lofty goal?  When we started this quest, 70 percent of our RCP staff was registered. At the time of this submission, and with the anticipation of three new graduate hires, 97 percent of our staff will be credentialed RRTs. In less than two years, we have achieved a monumental goal that only a few organizations across the country have achieved. By doing so, we have moved closer to our vision of promoting the art and science of respiratory care for neonatal and pediatric patients in a unique way that sets the standard for others to follow.

As a Magnet facility, this superbly magnetic fact is, and will continue to be, a pull that draws others into our organization. Why? Because they want to be part of a unique and respected team of professionals that demonstrate their commitment to advancing respiratory care at Children’s. By doing so, they will also serve as reminder that the most precious patients in the Central Valley deserve the very best that we can offer.  

We’d like to honor and congratulate Children’s RCPs who are Registered Respiratory Therapist credentialed.

Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

Frank Aldana, RCP, RRT
Lee Ann Alford, RCP, RRT
Bronson Anyadiegwu, RCP, RRT
John "Jack" Applegate, RCP, RRT
Daisy Bajarano, RCP, RRT
Shawna Belflower, RCP, RRT
Susan Birmingham, RCP, RRT
Al Bohny, RCP, RRT
DeeDee Brocato, RCP, RRT
Nancy Brugetti, RCP, RRT
Rhonda Burns, RCP, RRT
Scott Butler, RCP, RRT
Angie Campbell, RCP, RRT
Fred Campriello, RCP, RRT
Carrie Cloud, RCP, RRT
Jeff Cochran, RCP, RRT
Barney Coffman, RCP, RRT
Cheyenne Collister-Sindt, RCP, RRT
Laura Cooper, RCP, RRT-NPS
Pat Cosner, RCP, RRT
Les Cowan, RCP, RRT
Deanna Cox, RCP, RRT
Annette Delmundo, RCP, RRT
Rod DeSouza, RCP, RRT-NPS
Mohinder Dhah, RCP, RRT
Pam Drozen, RCP, RRT-NPS
Karen Duncan, RCP, RRT
Tanya Effseaff, RCP, RRT
Kathy Enns, RCP, RRT
Nancy Escobedo, RCP, RRT
Wil Goldsmith, RCP, RRT
Fabian Gomez, RCP, RRT
Duane Goss, RCP, RRT
Dave Grandi, RCP, RRT
Lori Grassmyer, RCP, RRT
Renee Grayson, RCP, RRT
Lynn Griffith, RCP, RRT
Dave Grimm, RCP, RRT
Carolyn Harr, RCP, RRT
Justin Hart, RCP, RRT
Margo Heaton, RCP, RRT
Michelle Hernandez, RCP, RRT
Lupe Herrera, RCP, RRT
Teresa Hopkins, RCP, RRT
Judy Houston, RCP, RRT
Angela Juarez, RCP, RRT
Ashley Khamsingsavath, RCP, RRT
Kelly Kirk, RCP, RRT
Nadine Lambayon, RCP, RRT
Shawn Lee, RCP, RRT
Larry Mar, RCP, RRT
Denise Marshall, RCP, RRT
Tom McGuire, RCP, RRT
Ernie Medrano, RCP, RRT
Jennifer Mendonsa, RCP, RRT
Stephanie Mitchell, RCP, RRT
Nancy Morgan, RCP, RRT
Troy Moultrie, RCP, RRT
Randy Najera, RCP, RRT
Larry Nicol, RCP, RRT
Jennifer Notley-Griffin, RCP, RRT
Liz Ocanas, RCP, RRT
Lori Parr, RCP, RRT
Curt Partain, RCP, RRT-NPS
Tabby Patterson, RCP, RRT
Yvonne Peoples, RCP, RRT
Dina Perez, RCP, RRT
Mike Perez, RCP, RRT
Terrie Perez, RCP, RRT
Tony Perkins, RCP, RRT
Hank Perry, RCP, RRT
Janice Perry, RCP, RRT
Manny Piceno, RCP, RRT
Tracey Pimentel, RCP, RRT
Chris Prince, RCP, RRT
Vance Purdue, RCP, RRT
Stacy Reed, RCP, RRT-NPS, CPFT
Agui Rodriguez, RCP, RRT
Marissa Rodriguez, RCP, RRT
Caitlin Rooney, RCP, RRT
Lisa Rose, RCP, RRT
Charlene Rubalcaba, RCP, RRT
Jackie Rubottom, RCP, RRT
Jennifer Santos, RCP, RRT
Vickie Santos, RCP, RRT
Tara Sawyer, RCP, RRT
Collette Schaeffer, RCP, RRT
Jeff Schmidt, RCP, RRT
Anna Seymour, RCP, RRT
Mark Shearin, RCP, RRT
Stephanie Sherrow, RCP, RRT
Michael Short, RCP, RRT
ChiChi Shorte, RCP, RRT
Daniel Sindt, RCP, RRT
Dawn Smith, RCP, RRT
Martha Smoljan, RCP, RRT
Jim Stanley, RCP, RRT
Brandi Stevens, RCP, RRT
Margaret Swarts, RCP, RRT
Terry Swarts, RCP, RRT
Gloria Tablas, RCP, RRT
Karly Thomas, RCP, RRT
Brian Thornton, RCP, RRT
Desiree Tigson, RCP, RRT
Judy Trippel, RCP, RRT
Dennis Tudman, RCP, RRT
Monica Valdez, RCP, RRT
Ricardo Velarde, RCP, RRT
Kelina Walker, RCP, RRT
Matt Walker, RCP, RRT
Steven Walls, RCP, RRT
Junior Watson, RCP, RRT
Peggy Webb, RCP, RRT
Raquel Williams, RCP, RRT
Michael Woods, RCP, RRT
Glenn Woodward, RCP, RRT
Ramona Wright, RCP, RRT
Fernando Yanes, RCP, RRT
Dawn Yarnell-Lynn,RCP, RRT
Jana Zelasko, RCP, RRT

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