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The Online Newsletter for Children's Nurses
e-Edition, Issue 12 

Roberta Baranda

Meditech Scanning and Archiving:
Integrating Paper with Electronic Documentation

By Roberta Baranda, RHIA, CHP Director, Patient Access and
Health Information Management, Privacy Officer

On November 14, 2012, Children’s Hospital will implement the Meditech application for document scanning known as Meditech Scanning and Archiving or Meditech SCA. Taking this important step advances our organization’s long-term strategy for an integrated medical record by leveraging Meditech as our core information system for inpatient, ambulatory surgery records and emergency documentation.

Meditech SCA fully integrates with the current Meditech Client Server modules and is seamlessly incorporated into many of its workflow routines. This integration offers numerous efficiencies to staff working within Meditech Client Server. For example, registration staff can scan insurance cards and other relevant registration paperwork directly through the Meditech admissions module.

Scanning handwritten medical records, documentation received from other facilities and other paperwork into Meditech SCA will allow these documents to be viewed in the Meditech Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system alongside other electronic documentation.
Eventual conversion of all images currently stored in ChartMaxx to Meditech SCA will provide the ability to view both current and historical images through Meditech EMR when treating patients and improve the quality of patient care through use of the most integrated technology.

Benefits of implementing Meditech’s Document imaging for scanning and archiving:

Clinical —

  • Ability to view handwritten progress notes along side P-doc or dictated progress notes
  • Consolidation of physician record completion from two systems
    (i.e., Meditech and ChartMaxx) to one system
  • Enhancement of providers ability to make clinical decisions without the need
    to view critical information in multiple systems

Operational — 

  • Eliminate the interface support, reconciliation and
    balancing required when utilizing multiple systems
  • Enhance efficient use of workflows within Meditech, such as the Meditech Point
    of Contact Scanning in admissions and the billing and accounts receivable modules

Q&A Reponses from the Meditech SCA Project Lead

Q:  Does the implementation of Meditech SCA mean ChartMaxx will go away?
A:  No, not right away. ChartMaxx will be available for a long time – likely two and a half years – for viewing of the patient’s historical record. Scanning into Meditech SCA will begin November 14 with paper documents created after that date.

Q: Will the images from ChartMaxx ever be available in Meditech?
A: Yes, the organization will begin the process of converting all the historical documents from ChartMaxx to Meditech SCA. This process will not conclude for approximately two and a half years. In the meantime, ChartMaxx will be available for staff to view historical records.

Q: What does this mean for our Medication Order Scanning System or MOSS?
A:  Health unit coordinators (HUCs) and nursing staff will continue to utilize ChartMaxx for paper order scanning until further notice. We will use ChartMaxx for this purpose until finalizing an alternative option.

Q:  When and how will training for navigating scanned images in EMR be conducted?
A: The Meditech SCA implementation team is working diligently with our clinical education partners on a training plan and schedule. Navigating the images in EMR is pretty intuitive, and training will be delivered through a Children’s Hospital Knowledge Exchange (CHEX) course beginning late October and ending on our go-live date of November 14.

Q:  Is it going to be hard to find scanned images in the EMR?
A:  Actually, it will be easier than you think. Scanned images will appear predominately under the Other Report EMR panel. A camera icon indicates the images have been scanned.

Q:  When will the documents be scanned?
A:  Like today, most documents will be scanned after the patient is discharged or after the date of service.

Q:  Will the PICIS/OR Manager documentation be scanned?
A:  Not exactly, it will be interfaced into Meditech SCA and will be viewable in EMR just like the scanned images. This will be same for other documents that currently go to ChartMaxx such as electrocardiogram (EKGs), echocardiograms (ECHOs) and Holter Monitors.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact 
Roberta Baranda
Meditech SCA Project Lead,, or
Michelle Brunetti
Organizational Project Manager and Meditech SCA Project Manager,


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