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Our Doctors

Valley Children's works with more than 525 physician partners including over 140 onsite pediatric subspecialists, board certified in their specialties and working full-time caring for children. Search for one of our subspecialists by name or specialty. If you'd like to broaden your search to the full Medical Staff, just check the "include community-based physicians" box.

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                                                                                                                       Hospital picture = Children's Hospital based physician

We'd like to welcome...

  • Dr. Julie Celeberti joined the Hospitalists.
  • Dr. Lindsey Demetral joined the Hospitalists.
  • Dr. Cheryl Albuquerque joined the team in Maternal-Fetal Medicine.
  • Dr. Minesh Patel joined the team in Gastroenterology.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cudilo joined the team in Anesthesiology.
  • Dr. Ceayee Mak joined the team in Diagnostic Radiology.
  • Dr. Bruce Tran joined the team in Critical Care Medicine.
  • Dr. Wendy Wong joined the team in Critical Care Medicine.
  • Dr. Laura Maitoza joined the Hospitalists.
  • Dr. Lakshmi Nagaraju joined our team in Cardiology.
  • Dr. Shelby Cody joined our team in Anesthesiology.
  • Dr. Hasti Sanandajifar joined our Hospitalists.
  • Dr. Muhammad Salim joined the team in Neurology.
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