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Financial Highlights

Facts and Figures

Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2012

Hospital Statistics

Licensed Beds:  348
Active Medical Staff:  300
Full-Time Equivalent Employees:  2,034
Volunteers:  490
Volunteer Hours:  54,824
Guilds:  15
Guild Members:  1,200

Patient Statistics

Inpatient Days:  79,699
Discharges:  12,796
Outpatient Physician Practice Visits:  129,474
Emergency Department Visits:  77,994
Total Surgical Cases:  11,923

Consolidated Financial Information

Total Assets:  $882M
Revenue & Support (including unrestricted philanthropy):  $538 net of bad debt expense of $5.9M
Operating Expenses:  $440M
Investment Income:  $41M
Charity/Uncompensated Medi-Cal Costs:  $23M
Operating Margin:  18%
Excess Margin:  23.8%

Payor Mix (Based on Gross Revenue)

Managed Care (HMO/PPO/Commercial):  25%
Medi-Cal (including Medi-Cal Managed Care):  74%
Self-Pay and Other Payors:  1%
Total:  100%