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Non-Clinical Student Programs

The Hospital offers non-clinical internships to provide students affiliated with a variety of educational disciplines the opportunity to apply traditional academic classroom learning in the work setting. A non-clinical internship includes no direct physical contact with patients. 

All student internships are unpaid, unless otherwise noted. Student interns must be enrolled in state-accredited, college-level coursework and earn units of credit authorized and conferred by the educational institution of attendance. In addition, all educational institutions that provide student interns to the Hospital shall have a contractual agreement with the Hospital. Paid internship opportunities will be posted on the Hospital’s job board.

For Administrators:

Requests for placement within the Hospital’s internship program must originate with the educational institution on file. Once a representative from the school submits a request, a member of the Recruitment Services team will work to secure placement within the department requested. Please note that all internship placements are based upon department availability and submission of a request does not guarantee placement within the program.

Once a request has been approved or denied, the student intern as well as the educational representative will be contacted by Recruitment Services and notified of the outcome. If a placement has been secured, the student will be directed to this site to complete information below under "For Students."

The following educational institutions are affiliated with Valley Children’s Hospital.

  • California State University, Fresno
  • Fresno City College
  • DeVry University
  • Heald College
  • Institute of Technology
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • National University

Internship Request Form

If your school is under contract with the Hospital and you would like to place a student or students in an internship at Children’s Hospital, please complete and submit an Internship Request Form for each student.

School Affiliation Request

If your school is not under contract with Valley Children’s Hospital, please send an email with the following information, along with your request for affiliation, to:

  • Your contact information
  • Your school information
  • Internship areas of interest

For Students:

This section is for students who have been contacted by Recruitment Services at Children's Hospital Central California with an approved internship placement.

Forms & Requirements

To complete an internship at Valley Children’s Hospital, various requirements must be met including orientation to our facility, confidentiality agreements and health screening. Please complete the following forms and call to schedule your placement appointment at (559) 353-5107.

Placement Appointment

A placement appointment will be scheduled in Recruitment Services once the above criteria are met. All completed forms should be submitted at the time of this appointment and will be reviewed with you by a Recruitment Services staff member. In addition, you will also complete a second TB skin test with the Hospital’s Employee Health as well as badge photo with Security.


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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for printing and filling out forms.