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Meet Our Professionals


Wenee, Pharm. D.
Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmacy Resident and Student Coordinator

If you had asked me in college
what I thought my future career would be, never would I have said Pediatric Pharmacist. Even in pharmacy school, I had not considered specializing in pediatrics. However, through a chance opening, I began my pediatric profession at Children’s Hospital Central California in 1999 as the first Pediatric Pharmacy Resident. 

I was a bit unsure about this career move initially, but after just a few months of learning all the unique aspects of this field and seeing how challenging the work is, I knew this is where I wanted to stay. Once the residency was complete, I was hired on as a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist and shortly thereafter, I was given the role of Pharmacy Resident and Student Coordinator. In short, I was put in charge of educating and coordinating pediatric pharmacy residents and pharmacy students on their rotations throughout the hospital. I could not have designed a better position for myself. As a clinical pharmacist, I am part of a team to make sure that each patient receives the best and safest medications. Pharmacists play a critical role in preventing medication errors, advising prescribers on the best drug choices and working directly with patients to ensure they understand how to use their medications. As an educator, I am a teacher and mentor. I give them opportunities for hands on learning to apply what they learned in school to real life patients. I teach them how to become experts on the thousands of medications available today, how each one works in the body and the ways to use each one safely and effectively. I teach them that excellent patient care involves a multidisciplinary approach. That feeling of teamwork is strongly emphasized here and is what makes this place such an excellent children’s hospital.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am originally from Washington State, but have grown to appreciate living in the Central Valley. The low cost of living for being in California cannot compare to the high costs of the bigger California cities. We still often visit other cities for events and other entertainment, but it’s always nice to come home.