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Please complete the survey. All information stated within this survey is solely intended to be used as a resource for improving our extern program and your role here. When information is collected, it will be entered into a document tha WILL NOT DISCLOSE YOUR NAME, IT WILL BE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and then be reviewed by management to enhance our program. Please feel free to be open within this survey, we value your opinion. Again, we appreciate your assistance and look forward to working with you to make our program the very best!

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How did you hear about our extern program? *

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When did you begin your externship here with us? *

Where do you attend college?

When do you graduate?

On average, how many hours do you work per pay period?

Which unit?

Are you happy with the number of hours you work?

How satisfied are you with your unit?

If not satisfied, what are your suggestions for improvement?

Do you feel you are gaining valuable experience while participating in our externship program?

Would you refer us to your friends?

We are looking for exceptional nursing students, please include the name and number of others