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Your Career Planner

Valley Children’s is committed to your
professional development. From tuition reimbursement and scholarships to preceptors and clinical education, we encourage our employees to seek out opportunities for growth.

Clinical Education

Valley Children’s Hospital offers a wide array of courses for health professionals to improve skills and knowledge.

Continuing Medical Education
The Valley Children’s Hospital Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program offers a wide range of educational activities for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. Offerings include Grand Rounds, Tumor Board, Lectures and Case Conferences.

Continuing Education
Children’s Hospital offers a variety of Continuing Education (CE) courses for nurses and other healthcare professionals. CE consists of educational activities to develop and maintain knowledge, skills and professional performance.

Tuition Reimbursement

Valley Children’s Hospital offers tuition reimbursement to support its employees in their efforts to receive a desired academic degree or certificate.

General Program
If you have been employed full-time or part-time at Valley Children’s Hospital for six continuous months, you may apply to receive reimbursement for approved educational classes and programs. Classes and programs will be reimbursed if the class meets the criteria established by the program and is allowable by law. The class must also have a benefit to Valley Children’s Hospital.

Nursing Program
Specialized outside training towards obtaining a registered nurse license can provide a strong foundation of knowledge for employees and ultimately for Valley Children’s Hospital as well. Therefore, we feel it is important to recognize the value of obtaining a registered nurse license. Any contribution we make towards your educational advancement is an investment in an individual who may progress to increasingly more responsible Children’s role.

Nursing Scholarships

The Nursing Professional Development Fund helps nurses on the journey to nursing excellence. The Nursing Education Scholarship Award is available to assist in the academic preparation of undergraduate/graduate nursing students who are employees of Children’s Hospital.

Clinical Ladder Program

At Valley Children’s Hospital, advancement in many clinical positions is driven by the individual. The Clinical Ladder Program recognizes professional development and advancement in expertise and leadership. There are four levels of expertise in nursing practice, RN I to RN IV. Additional positions that have a clinical ladder are Respiratory Care Practitioners, CT Techs, MRI Techs, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Neurotechnologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Clinical Dieticians.

Career Fair

Valley Children’s hosts Career Fairs to encourage career development amongst employees and to provide educational resources from local higher education institutions. Numerous internal departments showcase opportunities for growth within the hospital.


Our new graduate registered nurses are paired with a designated preceptor to provide one-on-one clinical and technical training. Staff members develop newly hired peers into competent, acculturated employees.

Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow Program provides individuals the opportunity to learn about a job by walking through the work day as a shadow to a competent worker. The job shadowing experience is a temporary, unpaid exposure to the workplace in an occupational area of interest to the individual. Participants witness firsthand the work environment, employability and occupational skills in practice, the value of professional training and potential career options.


Internships are for students who have a specific field of interest and have a required number of hours to fill to enter a program (i.e. Physical Therapy Program). Students will gain basic hands-on experience under direct supervision at all times.

Children’s Leadership Institute

The Children’s Leadership Institute is dedicated to strengthening the leadership, business and operations skills of the hospital’s management team. Through the Children’s Leadership Institute, management will be provided with the tools required to meet the escalating challenges of the health care industry. Our Children’s Leadership Institute is comprised of several programs, each designed to meet the learning and development needs of the various levels and stages of management. All management employees will have the opportunity to learn and grow by using a blended learning strategy including interactive classroom sessions, keynote speakers and self-paced courses.

New Management Orientation (NeMo)
The purpose of this program is to provide new management employees including Charges, Supervisors, Managers, Directors and above with a special orientation to the technology tools necessary to meet their day to day responsibilities.

Core Management Development Program
This program is designed to provide Supervisors, Charge RN/RCPs and employees new to management at Children’s Hospital with the information and skills necessary to meet the expectations of their leadership role. This program provides the philosophical and organizational foundation for leadership at Children’s Hospital and the essential people and coordinating task skills within the framework of the Management Competencies, Hospital’s Core Values and Strategic Plan. The “required” and “elective” learning modalities provide insight into the unique challenges faced daily as a front-line supervisor. The program offers solutions to make the transition from staff to supervisor and help achieve the full potential as a leader of the organization who commands respect, commitment and credibility to move staff to action and optimal performance. 

Clinical Leadership Workshops
These workshops are designed to equip nursing leaders with the skills required to advance patient care excellence and efficiency. It provides knowledge and tools to enhance the skills of the nursing leader. Through case studies, discussion and application exercise, the nurse leader is provided with an opportunity to learn how to apply these skills to the specific challenges experienced in day to day operations. 

Strategic Leadership Program
This program provides opportunities for all directors and managers at Children’s Hospital to further their strategic leadership capabilities. This program is designed to look beyond the crises of daily work and shift the focus toward the overall success of the hospital. The curriculum focuses on advanced leadership, business and analytical skills necessary to meet the business challenges today and in the future.

Staff Development

Valley Children’s Hospital provides opportunities for staff to develop their skills and knowledge. These opportunities for growth come in many different forms and are most often offered for participation during daytime working hours. 
2 Topic Training
This program will allow you to learn to program specific commands within one short hour. Examples of classes offered are: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, GroupWise and Visio.

Lunch & Learn
This program is designed to offer short education sessions during the lunch hour on a variety of education topics. Some topics offered are: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace and Relaxation Techniques for Wellness & Stress.